Steel-Blue Killifish (3cm)

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  • COMMON NAME(S) – Steel-blue Killifish
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME(S) – Fundulopanchax gardneri
  • TEMPERATURE – 68 to 79°f
  • PH – 6.0 – 7.5
  • HARDNESS – 1-10KH
  • TANK CARE LEVEL – Moderate


The Steel Blue Killifish is known from brooks, streams, and swamps within humid rainforests and highland savannahs. This is a relatively hardy killifish which is generally very peaceful and will bring activity and colour to the upper levels of the aquarium.

They are best maintained in a species-only situation, with 2 or more females to every male. If keeping more than one male in the same aquarium, do ensure that the tank is heavily decorated in order for rival males to retreat to safety if necessary.

If tankmates are desired, Steel Blue Killifish can be kept alongside other small peaceful species such as pencil fish, Kuhli loaches, Corydoras catfish, Sparkling/Croaking Gouramis etc., which all enjoy the same soft water conditions. They are, however, not suitable for the general community. The aquarium itself should be heavily planted (include floating species) with the incorporation of plenty of bogwood. Peat filtration is suggested to help keep the water soft, acidic and tannin-stained, all of which will help to show the fish in their best colours.

Tight-fitting cover slides are a must as these fish are expert jumpers. There are many different geographical colour forms, several of which have been described as nominal subspecies. Some of the wild strains include ‘Akaram’, ‘Akure’, ‘Enugu’, ‘Kluge’, ‘Lafia’, ‘Makurdi’, ‘Nsukka’, ‘Okwoga’ and ‘Udi Mountain’. There are also gold and albino aquarium-bred strains. The fish pictured above is a beautiful male ‘Akure’. This is an excellent introductory species for hobbyists who are just starting out into the world of killifish keeping. May also be seen on sale as Blue Lyretail or Gardner’s Killifish.


Small frozen foods such as mosquito larvae, daphnia, cyclops, baby brine shrimp, vitamin-enriched brine shrimp etc. Can be shy at feeding times, so ensure that tankmates are not too boisterous and check that your killifish are receiving their fair share of the food.


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