Giant Gourami Red Tail (10″)

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Estimated delivery dates: Apr 26, 2024 - Apr 28, 2024


  • Name: Giant gourami.
  • Size: 10 inchi.
  • Tank Required:  3 to 4 ft.
  • Tank Temp: 22 to 28C
  • Max Size: 10 to 20 inchi
  • Care: Easy but special


Giant Redtail Gouramis are truly pets that can thrive and live for many years.  Some people have owned them for 20-30 years, so this is truly one fish that has a long lifespan!

You’re looking at a tank in the several hundreds of gallons at minimum to keep these fish. They can get up to around 27 inches as adults, with the more common sizes around 17 inches or so. They grow fast too.

The Giant Gourami is not a picky eater. It will accept most tropical fish foods including larger pellet based foods as well as crickets, worms, small frogs, smaller fish, etc. They will also eat vegetables like peas which may help with digestive issues.


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